Gettin' Physical

Unleash Your Confidence and Creativity - In and Out of the Bedroom

In less than 90 minutes, this FREE course will teach you everything you need to know to enrich, expand, invigorate or re-engage your physical intimacy.

Who is it for?

Whether you are not in a relationship, in a new relationship, or in a long-term relationship; if your sex life is hot and heavy, or a little light and chilly, this course is for you. We cover everything from getting warmed up with massage, to proper toy care and storage after you've cooled down.

meet the facilitator

Tanya Finks

Tanya is a sex educator and  Gallup-certified Strengths Coach focused in the area of dating and relationships.  As a former toy lady, she discovered her gift for making women feel safe while learning about one of the most intimate and personal areas of their lives.

Module 1: Use touch to enhance your connection with your partner

You may or may not know this, but it takes women 20-40 minutes, on average, to get warmed up, in the mood, lubed up and prepared for intercourse.  20-40 minutes!!  Massage is an excellent way to get going, in a couple of different ways...

Module 9: How toys can enhance fun, intimacy and satisfaction

Women are sometimes apprehensive about toys because they’re afraid their partner will be apprehensive about toys.  Toys can be a wonderful, exciting, and fun addition to an intimate relationship.  And there can be many fun ways to introduce toys into

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Table of Contents

  • Module 1: Use Touch to Enhance Your Connection
  • Module 2: How to Fill Your Tank
  • Module 3: Enhance Sensation and Maintain Balance
  • Module 4: Use Lickables to Increase Anticipation
  • Module 5: Use Restraint and Surrender to Heighten Mystery and Intrigue
  • Module 6: How Games Increase Fun and Intimacy
  • Module 7: Boost Your Oral Skills (and Stamina)
  • Module 8: Meet Your Clitoris
  • Module 9: How Toys Can Increase Fun, Intimacy, and Satisfaction
  • Module 10: How Anal Play Can Increase Pleasure and Intimacy
  • Module 11: Find Your G-Spot
  • Module 12: Prolong and Intensify Your Capacity for Pleasure
  • Module 13: Why Lingerie is for You

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