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Course Modules

Connect through massage

Discover the power of massage to connect and bond you.

Fill your tank

Have more to give your priorities by prioritizing yourself.

Enhance sensation

Learn how and why lubrication makes everything better.

Increase anticipation

Explore how lickables help you turn up the heat.

Heighten mystery

Satisfy your curiosity about restraint and surrender.

Increase fun and intimacy

Discover books and games that bring the play back to play time.

And more…

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Meet the Facilitator

Tanya Finks, ma, acc

Dating and Relationship Coach

As a sex educator and Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, I help humans date intentionally, build collaborative romantic partnerships, and foster fulfilling physical intimacy.  As a toy lady for 9+ years, I discovered my unique ability to explore deeply intimate topics in a way that is both elegant and entertaining.  I’ll help you find methods to turn up the heat in ways that completely honor where you are in your journey.

What My Live Customers Say

Your enthusiasm and knowledge are perfect. You really normalize the topic and make everyone comfortable.

Los Angeles, CA

I really enjoyed your grace and knowledge. The way you shared your experience was not only educational, but also beautiful. Thank you! One could be sure she is dealing with a professional. I became more conscious of my attitudes and more knowledgeable concerning techniques.

Freelancer, Moscow, Russia

The seminar was so much fun yet so informative! You are so knowledgeable, easy to relate to and professional without being unapproachable. You create such a safe space to be honest and learn. Great, great time!


Public Relations Executive

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